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confluence of the rivers Krsra kLd M&IE^fcLErl it §,?•, 1468
Rakrak.«i. The country fell into tlifc hands or the MuLani-
niadan.H u;ter this evesit ; but SadSsivaraya's autiiOiiiy was
restored hi the paryaya of Xandela whiel. he r.ii&d -itlii
S,3. 1497. Xaudela TiLnaayadera MaLurUja, the &OB of
XarasingayyadSva Maharaja and grandson of X&r&^va-
deva ilaiiSraja, w.ts governing th« district as SadS^ivaraya's
k&rifttkarta, as sho^:a by an inscription dated i,S. 1490
Aksaya on the east of Arikulamsia's sliii;ie at tlia village of
Karimaddula ir.clucled in the par'g&it of Jjui^di-Atniakiir
situated at a distance of 12 rnile^ to the nor:n r>f Xa^dSla,

Zsitest ."/-Vi-Kfl^/j : Z,.5?. £6, pp. 1C3-S.

Sada&vadeva Maliaraya, having ascended the Jewelled-
throne of the great city of Vidyanagara, was ritling the empire
of the world. While Ghttti TirumalarSja was holding the office
of karyaknna, bandits robbed and otherwise harassed travel-
lers at the place where the r^ad connecting Cuddapah with
Grurramko^da slma passed through the Suryakomilla Pass in
the Palakonda hills. Unable to endure the tyranny of the
robbers, the people brought the matter to tlie notice of Tiru-
malaraya, and requested him to appoint some person to protect
the travellers and the inhabitants of the villages of the Ttukuru
slma in the neighbourhood of the Suryakomalla Pass from the
robbers who had taken shelter in the said place. Tirnmalft*
rajayya complied with their request, and appointed one of hii
dependents, Lakki Uayadu, the son of Xare Kadireppa Sayadu
of the Yakarla community as the guard of the Saryakomaila
Pass. Tirunialarajayya and the reddi*, kara,:ams^ and the
agraJiarikas of the fourteen villages of the Ctakurn slma had
jointly fixed his share of laud, meras. and vartanas due to the
caid Lakki Nayadu, the son of JfaAar»5j/afeacarya NSre Kadireppa
Nayadu, in all the said fourteen villages, and granted to him a
charter engraved on two copper-plates embodying the teriai ol
tl»e grant.